Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Journal Two from Clay

Good morning my name is Clay Gerfen. I'm a 7th generation farmer majoring in agriculture business. My favorite hobbies are diesel mechanics and farming. I go to classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The days I'm not in class I can be found working at the family farm. We raise cattle, pigs, sheep, and chickens. Other than livestock we also raise crops, mostly corn, but we do raise soybeans, wheat, and hay.

With reading A Long Way Gone the idea that I feel stood out is civil war. The author talks about his memories of the civil war coming to his town and of being a boy soldier. I feel the writing is best when he is giving us a flash back or backstory on the war or before the war.

Journal Two from Nick

Journal Two from Nick

      My name is Nick Price and my hometown is Marysville.  I am studying electrical and computer engineering here as OSU.  When I'm not going to school on Tuesday and Thursday I work, washing windows and power washing houses for a small locally owned business.  We power wash siding and sidewalks, along with fences and many other things.  We do window washing inside and out.  We are located in New Albany and commute all around central Ohio.  On the side I fix a lot of phone, tablets, and computers.  I got into that by learning to fix my phone after I would drop and break it repeatedly.  I also enjoy fixing phones as well its very relaxing to me.

     In the book "A Long Way Gone" the part that stood out to me the most is when the father carries his son. He believed that his son was still alive and refused to think that he was dead. The theme being the dad not giving up on his son. The father was gonna run and run for his son. The running was also a great thing for the man because it got him out of the bad situation.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal 2 from Logan Sutton

           My name is Logan Sutton.  I am from Lewis Center, Ohio and I went to Olentangy High School.  This year I am living at home and commuting to Marion.  I am planning on transfering to main campus next year.  I am going to major in Data Analytics.  A fun fact about me is I play softball.  I am a pitcher and can throw eight different pitches.  I also do pitching lessons with younger girls for a job outside of school.

            The idea that stood out the most for me in A Long Way Gone was when Ishmael described what he had to go through at such a young age.  He was separated from his parents and was clueless on where they were.  Ishmael also saw many horrifying images that will scar him for life.  I feel like the writing was at its best when Ishmael describes his surroundings on page 18.  He puts a picture in your head by using imagery to describe the disturbing setting.  My main question that I would like to be answered is, will Ishmael find his parents later in the book?

Journal 2 From Damien

Hey I'm Damien Rodrigues. I'm from Karachi Pakistan, but I grew up in Ohio. This is my first year in college. I'm trying to be like my dad a data analyst, so I'm getting my degree in data analytics. I graduated from Dublin Coffman High School. I love hanging out with friends and being active.
My fun Fact of me is I love comics and thinking of comics and writing about them.
I think the theme of the book a long way gone is sadness and depression. In the quote " perhaps it was necessary that he clings on to false hope" (Beah,13) the show that he needs this if not hiss loss would be great. He wouldn't be able rebound from this and be sent spiraling.

Journal two from Carrie

My name is Carrie Crilow, I would describe my self as a very outgoing person and I'm the oldest of three sisters. Im very passionate about animals my friends and family. Ive been working at a Dog kennel/rescue for almost three years now and I also work and ride for Buckeye performance horses. I show Reining/cow horses and love meeting new people along the way, nobody is a stranger too me. While attending OSU I plan on taking my love for animals to the next level.

In the first few chapters of A Long Way Gone I noticed that terror and devastation was a major theme. The way the author writes allows me to picture everything I'm reading in my mind very clear and vivid. While the rebels are attacking Ishmaels village and requiring him and his brother along with others to run away from there home. Knowing that someone younger then I having to live through starvation, poverty, and witnessing the loss of loved ones making them fight for everything just to protect their own lives. It makes me wonder if they will ever get a fresh start or ever escape from the rebels? 

Journal 2 Kyle

Kyle Blanton

I play a lot of Xbox but not enough to be addicted to it. When I'm not working or working out after my classes I am more then likely play Xbox. I am a detailer at McDaniel's auto here in Marion so I get paid to wash and drive brand new cars so its not to bad. I wrestled and played football and I also ran track. I have two other brothers a younger and older and my older brother go to MTC so you might see him around school.

its my favorite

In the first chapter of a long way gone I believe the best part was when they first heard of what happened and when they really started to think about what could happen or what even might of happened to there parents, and they really start to think of what there going to do next. I guess the only question I have is what happens next?

Journal Two from Alex

My name is Alex Hustak, I was born in Cleveland Ohio, but now I live in Marysville Ohio and I commute from there for class. I am studying Computer Science and Engineering. I enjoy watching baseball and football, my favorite baseball team is the Cleveland Indians and my favorite football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.
I have three siblings, two older brothers and one older sister.
My brother and I

While reading A Long Way Gone the idea that stood out to me the most was when the author was describing the gore that Ishmael had seen when they were heading to Mattru Jong, He explained the horrifying sight of someone described as "their arms and legs are missing; their intestines spill out through the bullet holes in their stomach; brain matter coming out of their noses and ears" (Beah 18) I feel like this was when the writing was at its strongest point in the chapter. With such a war ahead of them, a question that I would ask is if Ishmael still looks for his family despite the war.

Journal Two Tyler Beers

Tyler Beers

Hi I am Tyler Beers i'm 19 and I am from Mount Gilead.  I am a proud graduate from Mount Gilead High School class of 2016. During my high school career I played football for 3 years at Mount Gilead.  I have not always lived in Ohio my whole life I have lived 4 other places.  I was born in Dubois Pennsylvania and i lived there for about 3 years. Then I lived in Sayre Pennsylvania for about 5 years. After Sayre Pennsylvania I lived in Crawfordsville Indiana for 6 years and played football there from 3rd grade till 6th grade. With being born and growing up in Pennsylvania i am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins fan. My fun fact was i would like to open a sports bar chain called Beers and Friends.

In "A Long Way Gone" the theme that stood out to me is when all the villagers were hiding from the rebels.  Being put in the situation and just sitting there waiting for the rebels to attack and not know if you or love ones will make it out alive.  Once the rebels attacked they torn families apart by just killing everyone .  And when jumping from bush to bush hiding for their lives to just make it to the village store is a horrific experience.  And the best part of the writing was when the kid got stuck and they went backed and help him with his sack of stuff.

Journal 2 By Kian Raheem

Hello, I am Kian (Key-In) Raheem. I'm from Powell, Ohio and I still live there and drive to marion everyday. I have a 1 of 7 siblings that includes my 4 older brothers and 2 little sisters. I played basketball and lacrosse in high school. I also, a part of a show choir and sang and danced all over Ohio. 2 of my favorite things in life is cars and music. Ever since I was a kid I loved cars and even growing up I couldn't tell you all the presidents but I could tell you any car that drove by, the year, the make, the model. Music is my other side, something I do to deal with problems I face. Growing up and growing up in the environment I lived in being lucky enough to have a dad who was really wealthy, people took advantage of me and used me calming they were my friends to get to the stuff I had and not really there for me as a person. On top of that I was bullied a lot because of my nationality and the way I looked and acted, so writing music and preforming allowed me to escape from that world and allowed me to be myself.

In the book "A Long Way Gone" What stood out to me was the amount of shock Ishmael was going through trying to come to the realization that his home has been attacked and just a few days ago everything was okay and well. The best part of his writing was how he described the victims of the rebel attacks. He was very detailed about the action going on and what the character was seeing. Basically, putting you in the characters place especially during the scene when the mother was carrying her dead daughter who was shot, and how her eyes were open still had a smile on her face. My question is will he ever find out what actually happened to his parents or where they went?

Journal 2 from Dominique

Hello my name is Dominique Sandusky. I'm a freshman in college, and i'm working on getting my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. I graduated from north Union High School in Richwood Ohio.I love spending time with my boyfriend of three years, Isaac. A fun fact about my self is that i absolutely love dogs!!  I have a Great Dane, Anna Bella who's one and a half.

"One man carries his dead son. He thought the boy was still alive. The father was covered with his son's blood, and as he ran he kept saying, "i will get you to the hospital, my boy, and everything will be fine." (Beah 13) The theme of this is delusion. The father is in denial about the death of his son, but the author explains how this was a good thing since it kept him running away from harm. I thought the writing was at it's best on page 14 when he realizes his old town wasn't safe anymore, and things wouldn't be able to go back to normal. I felt sympathy for Ishmael and his friends having to go through war at such a young age. Especially not knowing if their families were safe.

Journel 2 -Timmy Le

My name is Timmy Le and I am majoring in electrical and computer engineer. I feel tired mostly everyday. I do not keep track of time and end up sleeping late. I also don't talk a lot because of this reason. This is a picture of myself. I recently went to a resort in Vietnam and someone took a picture of me while I was sleeping. 

In A Long Way Gone, the thing that stood out most for me is the war with the rebels. I think when the writing was at its best was when the author described how many injured people came to the town he is currently in. An example is when a family in a car, trying to escape from the rebels, got shot and only the father lives.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Journal Two From Terria

Hi, I'm Terria. I'm 18 years old, my birthday is in March. I live by myself, here in Marion, Ohio. I have a two year old son that is almost three. I had my son at the end of my Sophomore year of high school. In high school I was working a part-time job at pizza hut, taking care of my son, and also was a varsity cheerleader.

In "A Long Way Gone," what stood out to me the most is when the war came to Mattru Jong. I couldn't imagine going through what Junior and Ishmael did only at 12 years old. Their childhood life was ruined. Ishmael was witnessing dead bodies, from newborns to grown adults. On page 18 he was actually taking a body to the cemetery in a wheel barrow and had dead bodies all around him. He was explaining how some of the bodies had no arms or legs. This stood out to me the most because I felt empathy for Ishmael as he explained his surroundings. It was sad to read about how his life was going great and then just crashed.

Journal Two From Raeann

Hello, my name is Raeann Eldred. I am from Ashtabula, Ohio. I currently live in the Annex. I live on a dairy farm. I've showed dairy and dairy beef feeders in 4H for about eleven years now. This next fair year will be my last year in 4H. I will be just showing dairy beef feeder for my last year. I also have twirled baton for six years in a corps group and been a majorette for my high school marching band for three years.

The theme or idea that stood out to me in the chapter is when the boys learned that their home town, Mogbwemo, had been attacked by the rebels. They had no idea if their family was still alive or not. Where I thought the writing was at its best was when the author describes everyone; children, mothers, fathers, and even dogs, and their emotion while deserting their home towns coming towards the boys direction far away from the attacks. Questions I have is will the boys find their family?

James Guinther: Journal Two

       My name is James Guinther im an electrical engineering major, from the small town of Bucyrus Ohio, I have a younger brother and an older sister. I enjoy hunting and spending time with my best friends who I have been fortunate enough to go to school with from forth grade up to present. I also enjoy spending time with my girl friend of two years, who attends Marion Tec. I work at Auto Zone and Phone Fusions doing cell phone and tablet repairs.
   The Idea that stood out the most to was right on the first page when the Author talks about how the refuges that traveled through his town all looked like they had seen something that was plaguing their minds. I feel that after having read the first two chapters and reflecting back on my highlighting this sentence was very foreshadowing of what is to come for young Ishmael. Blood every where, the readers are immersed into a very violent place that is hard to forget just reading about but Ishmael experienced this first hand and now its burned into his brain never to be forgotten. I feel the writing is at its best when the Author says "she was in too much pain and shock to shed tears"(Beah, pg.13) this writing stands out to me because the woman's baby had been shot, and she was looking at her chides open eyes smiling face likely not registering what had just happened. My question is, what will happen to Ishmael when the gun fire is all around him not just coming towards him?

journal two from Amanda

     my name is Amanda Jones I am studying early childhood edition. I want to be a first grade teacher or even kindergarten. I work at marmot iv been their for a year in march .    

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A short introduction about me is that I have taught at OSU for 20 years, but originally did an M.F.A. in poetry and fiction.  I’m married to my best friend, Irene, who works at Willow Brook which is an assisted living facility south of Delaware.  We also run a small farm together and we raise ducks, turkeys, chickens and pigs, using all older, heritage breeds of animals. I love to read, to work outside and farm, to be in nature and around animals, to play music and to travel.  I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you.