Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal Two Tyler Beers

Tyler Beers

Hi I am Tyler Beers i'm 19 and I am from Mount Gilead.  I am a proud graduate from Mount Gilead High School class of 2016. During my high school career I played football for 3 years at Mount Gilead.  I have not always lived in Ohio my whole life I have lived 4 other places.  I was born in Dubois Pennsylvania and i lived there for about 3 years. Then I lived in Sayre Pennsylvania for about 5 years. After Sayre Pennsylvania I lived in Crawfordsville Indiana for 6 years and played football there from 3rd grade till 6th grade. With being born and growing up in Pennsylvania i am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins fan. My fun fact was i would like to open a sports bar chain called Beers and Friends.

In "A Long Way Gone" the theme that stood out to me is when all the villagers were hiding from the rebels.  Being put in the situation and just sitting there waiting for the rebels to attack and not know if you or love ones will make it out alive.  Once the rebels attacked they torn families apart by just killing everyone .  And when jumping from bush to bush hiding for their lives to just make it to the village store is a horrific experience.  And the best part of the writing was when the kid got stuck and they went backed and help him with his sack of stuff.

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  1. I had the same thoughts when I read that part too


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