Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal 2 Kyle

Kyle Blanton

I play a lot of Xbox but not enough to be addicted to it. When I'm not working or working out after my classes I am more then likely play Xbox. I am a detailer at McDaniel's auto here in Marion so I get paid to wash and drive brand new cars so its not to bad. I wrestled and played football and I also ran track. I have two other brothers a younger and older and my older brother go to MTC so you might see him around school.

its my favorite

In the first chapter of a long way gone I believe the best part was when they first heard of what happened and when they really started to think about what could happen or what even might of happened to there parents, and they really start to think of what there going to do next. I guess the only question I have is what happens next?

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  1. When they first heard of what happened in their town and they want to go back I think it draws the readers attention to the situation. When they do go back the imagery they use gives you a feel for what is going on and you can imagine it yourself from the authors descriptions.


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