Monday, August 29, 2016

Journal Two From Terria

Hi, I'm Terria. I'm 18 years old, my birthday is in March. I live by myself, here in Marion, Ohio. I have a two year old son that is almost three. I had my son at the end of my Sophomore year of high school. In high school I was working a part-time job at pizza hut, taking care of my son, and also was a varsity cheerleader.

In "A Long Way Gone," what stood out to me the most is when the war came to Mattru Jong. I couldn't imagine going through what Junior and Ishmael did only at 12 years old. Their childhood life was ruined. Ishmael was witnessing dead bodies, from newborns to grown adults. On page 18 he was actually taking a body to the cemetery in a wheel barrow and had dead bodies all around him. He was explaining how some of the bodies had no arms or legs. This stood out to me the most because I felt empathy for Ishmael as he explained his surroundings. It was sad to read about how his life was going great and then just crashed.


  1. I also, agree with you on that. Usually, when your 12 your thinking about hanging out with your friends having fun and getting in trouble with your parents over debating about whats a want or a need. For these kids to have to experience this is hard

  2. I also thought that his life was going great and then one thing changed his life completely and turned it upside down.


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