Monday, August 29, 2016

James Guinther: Journal Two

       My name is James Guinther im an electrical engineering major, from the small town of Bucyrus Ohio, I have a younger brother and an older sister. I enjoy hunting and spending time with my best friends who I have been fortunate enough to go to school with from forth grade up to present. I also enjoy spending time with my girl friend of two years, who attends Marion Tec. I work at Auto Zone and Phone Fusions doing cell phone and tablet repairs.
   The Idea that stood out the most to was right on the first page when the Author talks about how the refuges that traveled through his town all looked like they had seen something that was plaguing their minds. I feel that after having read the first two chapters and reflecting back on my highlighting this sentence was very foreshadowing of what is to come for young Ishmael. Blood every where, the readers are immersed into a very violent place that is hard to forget just reading about but Ishmael experienced this first hand and now its burned into his brain never to be forgotten. I feel the writing is at its best when the Author says "she was in too much pain and shock to shed tears"(Beah, pg.13) this writing stands out to me because the woman's baby had been shot, and she was looking at her chides open eyes smiling face likely not registering what had just happened. My question is, what will happen to Ishmael when the gun fire is all around him not just coming towards him?

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  1. What made you want to study Electrical Engineering? What interests you the most about it?


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