Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal 2 From Damien

Hey I'm Damien Rodrigues. I'm from Karachi Pakistan, but I grew up in Ohio. This is my first year in college. I'm trying to be like my dad a data analyst, so I'm getting my degree in data analytics. I graduated from Dublin Coffman High School. I love hanging out with friends and being active.
My fun Fact of me is I love comics and thinking of comics and writing about them.
I think the theme of the book a long way gone is sadness and depression. In the quote " perhaps it was necessary that he clings on to false hope" (Beah,13) the show that he needs this if not hiss loss would be great. He wouldn't be able rebound from this and be sent spiraling.


  1. Damion, I'm wondering which comics you think are the best? I like the D.C. older comics and Luke Cage Power Man was one of my favorites as a kid. I like them as much for the drawing and art skill as for the stories, which can be sort of derivative, but when they are original and fresh, I like them.

  2. I think it's really cool that you're from Karachi, and i would love to learn more about it. I also love being active and hanging out with friends. I hope that throughout college we become better friends.

  3. I feel the same way about the theme of the story. Also I like the quote!


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