Monday, August 29, 2016

Journal Two From Raeann

Hello, my name is Raeann Eldred. I am from Ashtabula, Ohio. I currently live in the Annex. I live on a dairy farm. I've showed dairy and dairy beef feeders in 4H for about eleven years now. This next fair year will be my last year in 4H. I will be just showing dairy beef feeder for my last year. I also have twirled baton for six years in a corps group and been a majorette for my high school marching band for three years.

The theme or idea that stood out to me in the chapter is when the boys learned that their home town, Mogbwemo, had been attacked by the rebels. They had no idea if their family was still alive or not. Where I thought the writing was at its best was when the author describes everyone; children, mothers, fathers, and even dogs, and their emotion while deserting their home towns coming towards the boys direction far away from the attacks. Questions I have is will the boys find their family?


  1. I had the same question. Like will they ever be able to see their family again? Its upsetting knowing that they could possibly never see them again.

  2. I also had the same question, because while reading the book, Ishmael talked about his father and step mother didn't really seem to care about him and his brother and whenever his father showed a sign of love, it was completely distracted by the step mother. On the other hand their mother loved them a little more it seemed like and was trying to make sure they had a good life. I'm interested to see which parent they find or any of them at all

  3. How many cows does your family milk? My family and I milked 100 jerseys for seven years so it is always interesting when I meet somebody else in the dairy industry.


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