Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal 2 By Kian Raheem

Hello, I am Kian (Key-In) Raheem. I'm from Powell, Ohio and I still live there and drive to marion everyday. I have a 1 of 7 siblings that includes my 4 older brothers and 2 little sisters. I played basketball and lacrosse in high school. I also, a part of a show choir and sang and danced all over Ohio. 2 of my favorite things in life is cars and music. Ever since I was a kid I loved cars and even growing up I couldn't tell you all the presidents but I could tell you any car that drove by, the year, the make, the model. Music is my other side, something I do to deal with problems I face. Growing up and growing up in the environment I lived in being lucky enough to have a dad who was really wealthy, people took advantage of me and used me calming they were my friends to get to the stuff I had and not really there for me as a person. On top of that I was bullied a lot because of my nationality and the way I looked and acted, so writing music and preforming allowed me to escape from that world and allowed me to be myself.

In the book "A Long Way Gone" What stood out to me was the amount of shock Ishmael was going through trying to come to the realization that his home has been attacked and just a few days ago everything was okay and well. The best part of his writing was how he described the victims of the rebel attacks. He was very detailed about the action going on and what the character was seeing. Basically, putting you in the characters place especially during the scene when the mother was carrying her dead daughter who was shot, and how her eyes were open still had a smile on her face. My question is will he ever find out what actually happened to his parents or where they went?


  1. I totally agree with what your saying when you said how detailed his words were talking about what he saw

  2. I also choose music as my escape in life!

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  4. I had a very similar question. I would like to know if he will ever find his parents.


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