Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Good Way to Ruin a Perfect Day by Tyler

It was a cold freezing Valentine’s Day 2016, and my girlfriend and I had the perfect date night planned out.  The day included getting nails done and going out to dinner at the House of Japan in Marion.  I was ready to go to pick up my girlfriend, and I had all of her Valentine’s Day gifts were in the truck all ready to go.  Before I left my house, my girlfriend phoned me and tells me that her 2 friends were coming with us.  Then I had to call House of Japan and make my reservations.  Then I called House of Japan and made reservations for 4 at 5 o’clock.  
 I get my hands on my dad’s new truck which was a 2014 Dodge Ram 1500, and went and picked up my girlfriend and her two friends.  After everyone was picked up, then we all went to Marion for our night out.  My girlfriend and her two friends all decided they wanted to get their nails done first.  So I was traveling down State Route 529 heading towards Marion, when the worst thing that could happen happened.
 At the intersection of State Route 529 and Richland road I was involved in a car accident.  At that intersection was a 4 way stop, and it was being it was my turn to go, so I did.  But not paying attention, a Ford F150 came bursting through the intersection and hit me.  Since I was hit with full force, my back end spun out and hit another car.  Since the wreck happened, I checked if everyone is alright.
I said “Taylor are you alright”?
            Taylor replied “Yeah I’m good.”
            I asked “Hannah, Jenna are you all ok”?
They replied “Yeah we are all good back here.”
 Since everyone was alright in my truck, first I went to see how much damage was done.  Then I went to check everyone else that was all involved in the accident. 
I asked the guy that hit me “Sir are you ok”?
The old man replied “Yes I’m fine I was just expecting the air bag to kiss me right in the mouth”.
  Then the gentleman that I hit, I went and checked on him.  “Are you ok”?  “Yeah I’m good, thanks for checking”.
             Since everyone that was involved was ok I called 911, which was like talking to a robot compared to all the events that had just occurred. “911 what’s your emergency”?  I answered “yes I have been in an accident at State Route 529 and Richland Road”.  The operator said “any injuries to any of the people involved in the accident”?  I replied “No injuries”.  “Ok we are dispatching state police right now; they will be there shortly.” 
            While we were waiting for the state police to show up, I called my parents and my girlfriend’s mom. 
After the phone call, the older man that hit me said, “I didn’t even see you at all”.  “That was a gorgeous truck”! 
I replied “You don’t have to say that twice, That was my dad’s dream truck”.
  After the talk with the guy that hit me, my parents show up to check on me.  Once they showed up they had mixed emotions about how I was and of course the truck.
“How does it feel to be literally trucked by an old man” said Tommy.
            `I said “It feels like a freight train hitting me at 1,000 miles per hour.”
            Now with my parents showing up, I now had to call back House of Japan and make my reservations for 8.  After I hung up the phone, the cops finally showed and started investigating the accident. 
The officer walks up to me and said “No need to worry it’s the old man’s fault and there’s nothing to investigate”.
  After the officer told me about who was at fault, I followed the cop back to his cruiser to do my paperwork.  While I was in the cop car I answered some question and warmed up while I was in the police cruiser. 

            Once we all left the accident we all went to dinner at House of Japan and had a good time together.  Once dinner was over, I took my girlfriend and her friends home.  Then I finally got to go home.  Once I was home I had all the family members call me and check on me to see if I was ok.  Now you see why this is a day I will never forget, because this was one of the most terrifying days of my life and one of the longest days also.   


  1. I didn't know that even though i went to school with you i guess i never heard it but it was very described and i really liked how you ended the story.

  2. I liked reading your story because I can relate to it in away. On January 29th of this year I was involved in a crash with my truck where a guy driving a Lexus came to an abrupt stop in front of me.


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