Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Boredom and a Broken Tooth

Alex Hustak
English 1109 Mon/Wed 10:30
September 12, 2016

Boredom and a Broken Tooth
You think at twelve years old you would stop playing with childrens toys. Not for my best friend Spencer and I, as boredom strikes, anything and everything sounds like a good idea. As we were sitting around, we brainstormed ideas to cure the lack of activities that surrounded us during the summer day.
“Maybe we could play some catch?” Spencer suggested
“We have done that already this week. I don’t want to again,” I replied as we sat on the porch of Spencer’s house. With still no ideas on our minds, we start to scavenge through Spencer’s garage coming across kickballs, bikes, and frisbees. None of those grasped our attention, but for whatever odd reason. a red and yellow Little Tikes car seemed like a great idea for us. Spencer jumped in it and was now Fred Flintstone peddling the car with his feet. He eventually gets out and we take turns laying on the top of the car and pushing each other down the driveway. Eventually Spencer had started chasing me with the car on the driveway and in the midst of running I had slipping on an oil patch his dad’s jeep had left when parked there. I fell on the driveway and was unable to get my arms up to shield my face from hitting the ground. My head had bounced off the blacktop driveway. I didn’t know what had happened for a few moments. When  I had gotten up it felt like something was off. I moved my tongue across my teeth and noticed my front right tooth was jagged and broken.
I ran home four houses down the road, hoping my mother would have a solution to a broken tooth somehow.
“How did this happen Alex?” My Mother questioned.
I was unable to determine if I should give the real answer, so I made an excuse.
“Spencer and I were playing catch and the ball hit my mouth” I said, thinking that this reason was any better. My mother rushes me to the dentist to get my other half of my tooth replaced. On our way to the dentist Spencer had called my mother and said
“I found the part of his tooth. Do you need it?” as if the dentist would just glue it back on. Ever since this day, that same exact tooth has broken three times due to various reasons from eating hard foods, to just clenching my teeth too hard.


  1. I think the writing is at its best when you said you didnt know what was going on for a bit.

  2. I think the writing was at its best when you wrote "as boredom strikes any thing and everything sounded like a good idea".


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