Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Kyle Blanton
English 1100 M/W
The Game
            It was a Thursday and it was the day that my favorite game came out and I was so excited. It was I bolted to GameStop around 4:30pm to be the first one to get a group number so I would be in the first group. I ended up being in the first group and the first ten people to get the game. The game was going to be related at 12 that night so I had to stay up and wait and hopefully not fall asleep so I asked my brother to stay up with me so
I asked, “Hey Alex, You want to go to the midnight opening for this new gaming?”
And he said, “Ya sure, but I’m going to take a nap first”.
Of course, I didn’t have anyone to talk to, so I didn’t know what to do next. I was sitting in my living room and waiting for time to fly by and I was by my self-playing a game and getting super tired so I asked my girlfriend if she wants to go too.
she said “of course.”
            It was about 11pm and I’m trying to urgently wake Alex up because I don’t want to be late even though GameStop is only about 15 minutes from my house I was just so excited. I tried about three time to wake my brother up and he just wouldn’t get up and he keep saying one more minute, so I went into my laundry room and grab a spray bottle and filled it up with freezing cold water and I said to Alex “Alex you got three seconds”
 “Three” “Two” “One”
Then I sprayed just about half the bottle on him to wake him up, he was so angry and mad at me I felt like the water evaporate off of him because he was so mad. He shot up like a bullet and looked to me like I was his worst enemy. My girlfriend was laughing so hard she had to sit in a chair for a second. Finally, we get there and now were in out groups to get the game and I got it and I was so excited I told my brother to drive so I could look at it. I got home and rushed to put the game in the Xbox and it says it will take about 6 hours to load and I remember I just laid down and thought I could stay up but in an instant I woke up to my mom yelling at me to get up for school.

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  1. I know how the excitement can get with a new game. I had experience this with getting madden 16 at the midnight release last year.


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