Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kyle Blanton

English 1109 M/W


Journal Four

            I picked the chapter The First Job because it really shows how deceptive people can be and how this inanest looking old man can be the complete opposite of what she thinks of him. The themes that are most important in this story are when her Aunt tells her about the job that she got her, and how she will have to lie about her age to get it. Her Aunt is being a good Aunt and trying to look out for her and getting her a job so she can make some money, but at the same time telling her that she needs to lie to get it.

            I believe that the writing was the best at the end of the book because she is so misleading about the old man that he really was trying to be her friend and wanted to make her feel welcome and comfortable at her work places because it’s her first day. As Cisneros writes “He had nice eyes and I didn’t feel so nervous anymore.” (page 55)

            I have really two people who influenced me. One was good and one was bad. My brother I love him without a doubt but when we were younger he was the meanest kid ever and my mom will tell anyone that. He was so mean he would just walk but to me sometimes and push me to the ground for no reason and it was like walking on egg shells when your around him because you dot know when he was going to snap. I told myself that I would not be like that and I would laugh and try and make everyone smile around me so they would have fun too. Now my brother is older and he has grown out of that stage and is very nice to be around.

            My second influence is my Aunt and Uncle. I would always go over to their house to play with my cousins and they would always laugh and have fun and there was never a dual moment with them. My Uncle is the funniest human being alive he is just crazy and a blast to be around and my Aunt was the exact same and that’s why they were so much fun to be around. But my Aunt about a year ago died of breast cancer and when she was going through is she would always try to make us smile and laugh even though she knows what was going on. She is one of the biggest role models in life because she always found a way to be happy.


  1. Funny when I was younger I was the same way to my younger brother.

  2. Funny when I was younger I was the same way to my younger brother.


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