Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Food is a pain

Timmy Le
English 1109
14 September 2016
Snapshot Two: Food is a pain
            Today is Tuesday, June 11. My friend, a skinny toothpick fellow that is about my height, and I are driving to a seafood buffet. My friend, he has a hatred for seafood very much, especially raw ones. I told him “You should give it a try instead of judging it by its looks,” he gave a long thought before agreeing to try some seafood.
            When we arrived at the buffet, somewhere in Columbus. We devoured some regular cuisins before trying some of the seafood. At first, I told him to try some of the cooked seafood. He was fine with the cooked ones. Afterwards, I showed him a plate of raw oysters. “Give it a try,” I said. “I might get a stomach ache if I eat that,” my friend said. “You are not going to get a stomach ache; the taste of the oysters will make your stomach expolde of joy!” as I told him. He ate it after thinking carefully.
            The night reached us as we came home. My friend did not feel so well. “My stomach hurts for some reason,” my friend said painfully. Later that night, my friend called me and told me that he thinks his stomach does not like raw food. “I have been going to the toilet every ten minutes,” he added.

            A few days later, I saw my friend again. I invited him to the seafood buffet again. He denied instantly. He said that the texture of the oysters was weird for him. “I am never eating any raw food every again,” he said. My friend still shivers when he sees raw oysters. It kind of funny to see him being grossed out by it from time to time. Nowadays, when I go out to eat and I see raw oysters, I would take a picture of it and send my friend the picture commenting, “Would you like some?” along with some snickering attitude.

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