Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Carrie Crilow

English 1109 10:30-12:30 M-W

28 September 2016

Journal Four

The story Four Skinny Trees really stood out to me the most. Knowing that Esperaza can look beyond herself and others around her and compare herself to trees is pretty remarkable. She can look at the strength in anything, and comparing herself to a non-humanly object to find the positive outlook in the end. Cisneros says at the end of the chapter, “ Four who reach and do not forget to reach. Four whose only reason is to be and be.”  (Cisneros 75)
This is a short chapter, its only a few paragraphs to be exact. Looking at the bigger picture I can relate to this a lot because it can tell you a lot about how a person looks at certain perspectives in life. I have a personal connection with this chapter because when I was little growing up. I wouldn't have a lot of friends by my side all the time so at a young age I learned to never give up and to always push for bigger and better things in life. Independence is key, I can say that i'm proud of knowing I have developed the strong sense of independence that has set me up for my future, and it's nice knowing I can read books like Cisneros and be able to connect with her stories.

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