Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Raeann Journal Four

Raeann Eldred
English 1109 10:30-12:30 MW
September 27, 2016
Journal Four
            The story that stands out to me is Geraldo No Last Name. This story stands out to me because it tells of a man, Geraldo, who died in an accident. Marin was the last one to see him alive and no one knew his last name or where he was from. Geraldo is a mystery to everyone and including how he died. The themes that are important in this story are how Marin just met Geraldo and they just danced. Also, how Marin was the last one to see Geraldo alive. “No address. No name. Nothing in his pockets. Ain’t it a shame” (Cisneros 66). This is where the writing is at its best because it tells how no one and nothing could verify who or where Geraldo was from.

            As an adolescent the person who had a significant influence on me was my older cousin, Justin. He was always around me and at the farm when I was younger. How he influenced me was the actions he made. Justin would always get into crazy activities. He would have late night fires with a bunch of friends being loud, pull into the drive way like he owned the place, and many more. This affected me because it made me not want to be annoying and be considerate. 

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