Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Terria Jones
English 1109.01, 10:30-12:30 on Monday and Wednesday
September 20, 2016
Neighborhood Bike Racing
               One summer day in 2008, my friend Zierrah and I were riding our bikes. She was my neighbor so we just rode our bikes on our road together. She was really nice and fun to be around. She was two years younger than me. When we were not allowed off of the road because we were so little. We had friends around the neighborhood that would join us and ride their bikes with us.
           Our favorite thing to do was race our bikes up and down the road. We’d race in teams so Zierrah was always on my team. Zierrah and I were the best at racing, and we always won. We were as fast as lightning.
           Zierrah came to my house one day and said, “Ready to kick some butt today?” Automatically I knew she was talking about racing the other kids outside. So of course I ran out the door and told my mother I’d be in the house by the time the streetlights came on. When we walked up to our friends, I said, “Are you guys ready to lose?” I did this because I wanted to give them a hard time. I was a very competitive little girl.
They responded by saying in a whiny voice, “How do you guys always win?” Zierrah and I both said at the same time, “Because we're just good like that.” And right after we laughed because that was not planned to say at the same time.
Zierrah and I were a lot alike because I was with her every day since she was my best friend. We went and raced them a few times, but still won every time. Our friends were really mad because they had no chance. We even gave them head starts. Finally they gave up and said, “Okay, you guys are the best, we are never going to win.”
Zierrah asked, “Would you like to keep trying?” and they said no and wanted to play a new game. We respected their request and played kick ball instead.
           I won’t ever forget that day because we were unstoppable. It was just us two girls and five other boys. Even though they always lost we all still had fun, racing, making fun of each other, and just playing all day outside.

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  1. My two favorite parts of your writing is your metaphor on describing how fast you two were and when you both said the same thing at the same time.


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