Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Journal 4 Tyler Beers

Tyler Beers
English 1109 MW
September 27, 2016

Journal 4
            In the book The House On Mango Street my favorite story so far has been Born Bad.  This story stands out to me by how Cisneros starts the story off.  That first sentence has a very bold and meaningful statement.  The writing at its best is probably Esperanza is saying “my mother says I was born on an evil day and prays for me.  Lucy and Rachel pray to.  For ourselves and for each other…. because of what we did to Aunt Lupe.”  The theme of the story is how she was born bad and at the end she ends up spending a lot of time with her Aunt Lupe.
            My role model during my teenage years was my offensive line coach aka coach Billy.  During football I didn’t start playing football till my sophomore year.  During my first season I was the worst possible shape and wasn’t very speedy.  So through out my high school football year coach Billy was always there helping me out no matter what.  He has also teached me something on the field that has carried over to every life.  That was no matter what has happened always look in the future and the past is in the past.  Also to work hard in football will carry over to everyday work ethic.

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