Monday, October 3, 2016

Amanda Jones
English Monday/wednesday
The Beast Of No Nation

This is a very good movie i would recommend it to my friends and family. This movie is  the reality of the war and how children are being manipulated. With the anger they feel about their families was killed by the rebels to fuel their rage. They also gave them drugs to numb them from the reality for them killing woman, children, and innocent people just like the rebels.
The message I got from this movie is that no matter how far into something. Something or how bad`it gets there are still good people that is willing to help you get out of the situation you are in. Even if  you don't know them and they don't know you they are still willing to help. You just have to want to change. And take the first step like Agu and the other did when they surrendered. They found someone who would take care of him and help him through whatever he goes through from being a child worrier.
The character that is the most meaningful is Agu. he was a normal kid he play with his friends, argued with his big brother, went to school and helped his mother cook. First his mother and sister leave he was going to leave with them but the driver would not let him go because he is a male. Them the next day the rebels come destroy his village, home and kills his father and also his brother in front of him he barely got away into the brush. Then his ran into the worries and he became one this all happened to him and a matter of days.
This movie adds to our Experience of reading A long way gone because we are just reading words on a page, by watching the movie it ups images to the book. Watching the movie helps is get the reality of what going on what is happening instead to imaging in our heads. We get the full picture of what's going on, we can fully understand what the author is describing.                  
Image result for the beast of no nation netflix drug use

this what he see when he is on the drug, that help brain wash him from realty 

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