Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Raeann Journal Seven

Raeann Eldred
English 1109 MW 10:30-12:30
October 19, 2016
Journal Seven: Sir Milton Margai
            In different society’s they have that one person that they look up too or that changed things for the good of the society. In America there is Thomas Jefferson who was the principle author of the Declaration of Independence, which asserted rights and freedoms of American citizens. Also, there was Martin Luther King Jr. who was a leading figure in the civil rights movement and his ‘I have a dream’ speech brought a definite address to ending racism and segregation. In Sierra Leone Sir Milton Margai makes an impact for the society.
            Sir Milton Margai was born in Gbangabatoke which is now Banta Chiefdom, Moyamba District. He received primary and secondary education in Bonthe and the Albert Academy in Freetown. Sir Milton received his B.A. degree from Fourah Bay College. Then he went to Britain where he obtained his M.A. degree and studied medicine at King’s College, Durham, graduating in 1926.
            Sir Milton was a well-known member of the Colonial Medical Service who introduced social welfare and hygiene education in remote areas of the protectorate. He later retired from the government medical service and started his own privet practice. Which resulted in him having more time for politics. Sir Milton from the very beginning was an active member of Protectorate Educational Progressive Union (PEPU) which then merged with Sierra Leone Organization Society (SOS) to create the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) which made him the first national chairman. In 1951 he became Leader of Government Business and then in 1954 the Sierra Leone’s first Chief Minister. In politics Sir Milton was the supreme negotiator and a skillful planner. An important part of his character was that he was self-effacement. Sir Milton did not make a lavish display of his power or status and did not insist on having his way all of the time. He came to know the people and earned their respect both as a surgeon, obstetrician, and as a leader. Sir Milton was loved, respected and admired by Sierra Leonoans for those qualities. Sierra Leone won its independence a year later after the 1960 constitutional conference in London, Sir Milton’s title was later changed to Prime Minster.

This source was credible because it gave a very detailed description of Sir Milton Margais political background.
Sir Milton Margai speaking at the at the Sierra Leone Constitutional Conference in London.

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