Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Journal 7

Tyler Beers
English1109 MW
October 19, 2016

Food In Sierra Leone
In Sierra Leone their food is alot different than our everyday food in America.  Our traditional food is normal to us but to them it will seem different to them.  In Sierra Leone they have their own beer and no set drinking age.
 Some of their foods include ground stew which is a mixture of peanuts, meat, tomatoes, and onions.  Cassava bread is flour from the starchy roots of cassava plants.  Okra stew is made from different varieties of vegetables.  If you ask me it would be like pot roast to me.  Krinkrinand fish balls is served in the beach areas along the coast.  Yebe is a stew of cassava, yams, onions, chicken, stock, chili and other spices.  This dish is usually around the Mende tribe.  Benny cak which is sesame seed and sugar biscuit.  Coconut cake is made from fresh coconut, flour, and sugar.  Plantain chips are crisp that are eaten like chips.  This is made of deep fried plantain slices deep fried.  Pepper soup is a hot chili peppers, tomato paste, onions, and garlic.  Joliof rice which is rice, beans and a spicy onion sauce.  Fufu which is yams, cassava root, and corn.  
Sierra Leone has their own draft beer.  They have star beer, poyo, and ginger beer.  Star beer which is a local made beer.  Pypo is made from sap of a palm tree.  And finally ginger beer is a non alcoholic beer
This is caurel steak which is on banana island, Sierra Leone


  1. I love food so I automatically love this article you wrote, its very interesting about how different cultures have there own way of expressing how and what they eat. I also like how you wrote about how they make their own alcohol.

  2. I like this post because it is about food. Also I like the picture.

  3. not a big steak fan but i would love the picture


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