Monday, October 3, 2016

Journal 5

Terria Jones
English 1109.01, 10:30-12:30 on Monday and Wednesday
October 3, 2016

Beasts of No Nation

The movie, “Beast of No Nation,” is a very serious, detailed movie on what it is like to be a kid in war. This movie is gruesome and shows a fine detail of how terrible it is to be in war. It shows us the soldiers being killed, soldiers killing other soldiers, also them doing drugs. I would not recommend watching this movie for fun, or if you haven't read, “A long Way Gone.” This movie and book are similar and gives the audience a better understanding about being a soldier in war.
The main part of this movie that is the most emotional is when Agu, the main character, had to kill a man for the first time. You can see the pain and sadness in Agu’s eyes after killing him. AFter this kill it was easier for him to kill people. It was becoming numb to him. Agu killing his first man changed him into a different person.
“Beast of No Nation,” does educate you about war. It shows us how terrible it is for others to kill each other.  The movie gave us a great outlook on how war changes your mental ability to function like a regular human being. All they could think about is killing. It shows us that it is hard to come out of that mental state. This movie is emotional and does not hold back what they show. You have to be prepared to watch, “Beast of No Nation.”
Agu's commander talking him into killing his first man. 

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