Monday, October 3, 2016

Raeann Journal Five

Raeann Eldred
English 1109 10:30-12:30 MW
October 2, 2016
Journal Five: Beasts of No Nation Review
            The movie, Beasts of No Nation is based about a boy, Agu and the civil war. As war comes Agu goes through many different situations. These situations have a major impact Agu’s life. Throughout Beasts of No Nation it has a variety of tragic scenes. For instance, Agu deals with different losses, killings, and seeks for happiness.
            The value that the Beasts of No Nation has is it tells how violence there is normal especially for young children. I would and would not recommend this movie. I would recommend this movie because of how the story impacts you emotionally through what Agu deals with in the civil war. However, I also would not recommend it because of how violent the scenes are. While watching young children, ages seven and older, kill adults it shows how civil war can influence people so young.
The main themes and messages are how people in a civil war have to go through such tragic experiences. What the movie adds to our experience of reading A Long Way Gone is it gives more of a visual and emotional connection to what the characters are feeling. This movie educates what it is like for people to be in a civil war. The characters that are most effective and meaningful is Agu and the Commandant. Agu shows what is like to lose your family and be a child soldier. The Commandant shows what it is like to have authority in the war and it be taken away and given to someone younger then you.
The plot events that are most effective and meaningful are when Agu is separated from his mom because the plan was to go with her and then he was told he could not and he did not get a chance to say goodbye. Also, when Agu had his first kill. While watching Agu make his first kill you can see the angry in his face and in the force of his sword because of the enemy killing his family. The quality of the acting or performance is great, especially the Commandant acting. The actor of the Commandant gives the character forceful and powerful characteristics.

Agu being told to kill a man, his first kill, by the Commandant.

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