Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Journal seven Terria Jones

Terria Jones
English 1109.01, 10:30-12:30 on Monday and Wednesday
October 18, 2016

Journal Seven: Freetown
Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone. It is also a major port city on the Atlantic Ocean and located in the Western area of the country. Freetown was founded in 1792 by Lieutenant John Clarkson, African American ex slaves, and free people called the Nova Scotian Settlers. They found Freetown because they were transported by Sierra Leone Company in 1792. Freetown was founded for African Americans, West Indian slaves, and their descendants. Freetown is the oldest capital to be found by African Americans. Krio is the popular language they speak. Freetown is governed by a directly elected city council also known as Freetown City Council. They mayor's name of Freetown is Sam Franklin Gibson. Freetown is divided into three religions: East End, Central, West End.
Five popular historical sights to visit in Freetown are Lumley Beach, Kings Yard Gate, Cotton Tree, National Railway Museum, and State House. Lumley Beach still has a lot of work to be done to it, but it does have plenty of bars and lunch spots. Lumley Beach is not a place to relax like a normal beach. Kings Yard Gate is where the British brought free slaves to seek medical treatment so they could begin their new lives. The Cotton Tree also referred to as “the Fat Cotton Tree.” The tree is a symbol of freedom. It's the most famous landmark in Freetown. The Cotton Tree is located in the Centre of the old part of town. It has been standing since the first settlers arrived at Freetown. National Railway Museum includes restored engine and cars.  Also, has a collection of locomotive including one designed for the Queen of England in 1961. Finally, the State House gives you ideas of what old Krio’s architecture was like. This sight has brightly washed buildings and untidy window frames.
Freetown is a really interesting Capital. It has a lot of history to it that I’ve never known before. While researching information about Freetown, I’ve learned Freetown has been through a great amount of disaster. Freetown probably would not be the best place to visit, but its history makes it compelling.
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This is Freetown and its houses



  1. I like the image you chose. It gives us all an idea of what it looked like after reading A Long Way Gone.

  2. I had no idea what Freetown looked like until I saw this image. It is nothing like I pictured. You did really well describing it.

  3. I think it is really cool how you explained "The Fat Cotton Tree" as their landmark for freedom


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