Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mercenary Troops

Kian Raheem
English 1109 Mon/Wed 10:30-12:20
18 October, 2016

Mercenary Troops
            Africa needed an answer for the rebels attacking the countries. Usually, people in smaller, and weaker countries rely on the United Nations when it comes to problems such as these. The UN can only do so much to help the countries. A more specific example would be Sierra Leone and the how the rebel groups that attacked small villages and caused massacres all cross the state needed to be stopped. The government than found a solution, Mercenaries.
            A more specific group known as the Executive Outcomes (EO) was hired by the government to end the war. The group consisted of former South African soldiers. After the UN was done with having more and more soldiers returning dead, the government had decided that they had to make a change. The EO’s had an ability that the UN did not have, they were able to pick a side on which to fight for. The company only works for real governments and cannot be bought by just anyone. Their demands are usually high for their reinforcements, but are worth it due to their heavy cavalry and strength in numbers.
A deal was made with the EO that, if they establish law and order, they would receive a payment of fifteen million dollars as well as profit from the diamond mines. Given the task it only took the group a year to restore the country, and in doing so the population started to grow back up. It grew to the point that Sierra Leone was able to hold their own election. That was the first time in twenty-five years. Thanks to the EO team, the land of Sierra Leone was restored.



This is a picture of the group. You can see the heavy weaponry and the strength in numbers-

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  1. I really like how you explain the back ground of this specific group and their mission, and the money included.


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