Monday, October 3, 2016

Damien Rodrigues
English 1109 Mon, Wednesday 10:30
September 30, 2016
Journal Five
The Beast of no nation is a great movie, it tells the sad story of child soldiers in Africa. Our main character is a boy named Agu and the movie is about his life as a child solider. The director does great job of capturing the boy’s innocence’s at the beginning of the movie and then showing his fall in to darkness.
Each scene was heart felt and emotionally moving. I would recommend this movie and not at the same time. It is a great educational movie, but as far as to sit with the family and watch it I would not recommend it. The man theme is sorrow, anger, revenge, and hope. He is sad about losing is family. he is angry about how the government killed his dad and brother. He wants revenge for their lives. He hopes to survive and get out and see his mom.

To me this story gives me a better understanding on how Ishmel Beah is going through and makes me feel more depressed reading about it. I think the best scenes in this movie are the ones that are the hardest to watch. Like the part where Agu first takes a life you see his face and how is thinking what am I doing. Another scene is when he kills a woman and a daughter because he thought it washes mom and sis. I think over all the acting was good and the fact the child actors were so convincing and I believed that I watching a documentary.
The Prep For his First Kill

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