Sunday, October 2, 2016

Logan Sutton's Journal 5

Beasts of No Nation Review

The movie Beasts of No Nation is full of war and gore.  I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone unless they have read A Long Way Gone.  This book is a true story and it puts this into perspective of what the people are going through.  It gives every detail of the soldiers’ thoughts and feelings.  It is a very similar story to the movie.  I believe that this movie educates others about what is happening in the world that we don’t even realize.  There are wars every day that we don’t realize and this should open our eyes up to the world around us. 
 The war changes all of the lives that are affected by it.  Agu is the main character in Beasts of No Nation.  He is a young child who is forced into becoming a soldier.  The turning point for him is when he had to kill a man for the first time.  He would have never done it before, but after this it becomes easier for him as he kills more people.  Agu starts getting into drugs and he completely changes.  War changes every man that is a part of it.  Another scene that shows how Agu changes is when he sees a woman and starts hugging her.  He believes it’s his mother and then he realizes it isn’t her.  One of the soldiers begin to rape her and the Agu shoots her.  He never would have thought about shooting a woman until the war.

            I believe this movie is very educating about what is happening with war around the world.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch it for fun.  It has very emotional parts and many scenes can be very disturbing to viewers.  I only recommend this movie to anyone that has read A Long Way Gone because the book will give them knowledge about the war and will know what to expect.
This is the scene when Agu has to kill a man for the first time.

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