Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kyle Blanton
English 1109 MW
Blood Diamonds
            A blood diamond if you didn’t know already is a diamond that is sold for any type of weapon or is a diamond found in a war zone. Blood diamonds aren’t any different than other diamonds it’s just how they are sold or used that’s what makes them different. So how does this have to relate to Sierra Leone well in Africa the diamond was really found until 1866 when a young boy found one in his dad’s field. After people heard of this they started looking and they found more and more and it was their main source of money. After rebels started to rebel they used diamonds to buy weapons for they war and that’s where they made the name up for.
            The reason this war started was for supply and money, so a group of people called themselves rebels and that group became a full army years later. As the rebellion went on the main thing people wanted were diamonds to sell for more weapons and more goods. I thought about were any of this took place in the book A Long Way Gone but I remembered see some of the soldiers in the movie Beast of No Nation and in the scene where Agu is walking through the trench and walks out to talk to the commandant you can see solders is the water with pans looking for things and I believe they are looking for diamonds. This was my best source

This is how most kids spent their days

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