Monday, October 3, 2016

Journal Five from Kyle

Kyle Blanton

English 1109 M/W


Journal Five

          This movie Beasts of No Nation was a great movie that ties into the book A Long Way Gone. This movie is just like A Long Way Gone because they are both based on a boy who is put into a military where he has to kill and killing becomes a part of him. Agu is the main character in Beasts of No Nation and his mother was taken away to go to the capital and she is never seen again after that. The men and boys are left to protect their village but they were over run and are caught. Agus father and brother were shot after being caught and then when Agu was running away he was caught again by the NDF who train him into a killing machine.

            This is just like Ishmael in A Long Way Gone his parents were killed by the rebels and then he was trained into a killer. They both were good kids who just wanted to have fun and smile with his friend and they both had their lives changed in a couple days. This movie really showed how some kids are living right now in other countries. They are in an army or a rebel army and they are seeing things that people shouldn’t see and they are doing things that people would even thing or dream of doing because they need to be cold blooded killers. The movie at some points didn’t even seem real like who would ever have to do that. Who would ever have to kill a man kneeing right in front of them because someone tells them to. To me it’s just unreal.

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