Monday, October 3, 2016

Journal 5

Nick Price
English 1109 MW
The movie Beast of No Nation is a great and very detailed movie. The movie is very closely related to the book A Long Way Gone. It really adds to the experience of the reading of A Long Way Gone because it kinda gives us a picture to the words. It shows us exactly what it was like for Beah at such a young age. The struggles he went through. All the gruesome things he saw and did. The movie was very detailed and very realistic showing very graphic scenes.
Agu the main character is very similar to Beah in a lot of ways. While watching the movie, I could only see agu as Beah. The whole time I just kinda pictured everything agu went through as if he was Beah. The picture that the movie gave to the book helps me understand the book so much more.
Agu was the most important character to me because during the whole movie you couldn’t help but always feel bad for him. He had to kill a man by slicing his head with a machete. I could not imagine having to kill someone. Especially in that way. Agu is a very strong little boy, he just watched his whole family (except for his mother and his sister who got away) be killed right in front of him. He still continues on and does everything he can just to survive.

This was a great movie I would definitely refer it to anyone, especially someone who is reading A Long Way Gone it really adds to the story. It really gives you a vision of what Beah went through and shows his hardships. All the detail and graphic scenes just really add to the greatness of the movie.

Agu when he killed the man with a machete.

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