Monday, October 3, 2016

James W.B. Guinther
Mike Lohre
English 1109.01
October 3, 2016

In the five star film Beast of no Nation taking place in West Africa, people singing and smiles all around as Agu is trying to sell a TV to a group of soldiers that doesn't have a screen calling it imagination TV. Suddenly bullets are wisping through the air and screams are all that can be heard at the rebels take over the village. Agu loses his brother and father to the rebels escaping into the forest. Later the NDF captures Agu and incorporates him into their ranks making him the Commandant's second. From there the NDF takes over villages as Agu succumbs to drugs and killing. Eventually all of the Commandments soldiers leave him and surrender to the UN, in hopes of a better future. When a counselor asks Agu how he sees his future, he tells her that he just wants to be happy even after all the terrible things he has done and seen. This film is very eye opening and definitely worthy of its five star rating as it tells the story of a child soldier
Agu being instructed by the Commandant on his first kill
The movie Beast of Notation, Carries with it a lesson that can not be simply thought it must be shown. Putting the viewer truly in the war allowing them to see all aspects and follow Agu as his world is falling apart around him. Agu is on a mission to find his mother constantly on the look out, not realizing the beast he is becoming is not the a child a mother could love. The Acting in the film is absolutely top notch making it hard to believe that the film is not a documentary. Best of no Nation should be shown in schools all across the country, to give people an idea of the atrocities that children are being faced with all around the world.

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