Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Snapshot Four: Alex Hustak

Alex Hustak
English 1109 Mon/Wed 10:30
November 2, 2016

Snapshot Four
            My favorite genre of music would have to be classic rock from around the 1970’s to 1990’s. During this time period, many people used music to escape and to convey very strong emotions. Regardless if they made enough money like most artists care about in today’s music. I enjoy classic rock because it is more about the quality of the music and how it is made. Bands would make sure their music was perfect to them before releasing it to ensure its quality for their fans.
            My favorite current band is Muse because they have a weird but good twist on classic rock. They have made their own rendition of it and it is very successful and appealing to people who originally didn’t like the classic/alternative rock scene. They use current issues in some of their songs like most artists of today do.
         About 10 years ago, my father always had on classic rock. From The Rolling Stones, to bands like Styx, Bon Jovi, and Journey. A band my dad had introduced me to that has always stuck with me was the band Boston. He had me listen to a song called “More Than a Feeling” and ever since then, I was indulged by the genre. The drums in the song, the amazing guitar, and great vocals by Brad Delp, all had drawn me into liking this band. I started listening to their CD’s more and more on car trips and any chance I could. My father noticed how much I started to like the band and eventually we went to see Boston live in 2014. The concert was everything I had imagined from a band I had loved, I was a kid in a candy shop for that whole day. Even to this day, Boston is a band I can listen to and just be overcome with happiness.
This is a picture of Boston's first album, which More Than a Feeling was debuted on. I still have this album to this day.


  1. I bet that was crazy to go see

  2. I like classic rock also. I grew up listening to a lot of The Eagles. I like the quote "I enjoy classic rock because it is more about the quality of the music and how it is made.". I agree with this quote.

  3. I think its awesome that you listen to classic rock, and got to see your favorite band preform.


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