Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Logan Sutton
English 1109 10:30
2 November 2016
Snapshot Four

Music has always been away to get away from life around me.  I can’t imagine a world without music.  It is a way to escape my thoughts and feelings.  When I am stressed with school it’s always nice to sit back and listen to music and relax or jam out in the car on the way home after a long day at school.  There are so many types of music and I like to listen to mostly everything.  Pop means the most to me out of all the genres of music.  Most of the songs I can relate to easily.  When the words of a song actually have meaning and I am going through the same thing that the artist is singing about it makes the song more appealing.   One of my favorite artists is Selena Gomez because I believe she is a good role model and I love her music.  Selena is very talented and is a great actor too.

It was the last night before my boyfriend left for college.  He was planning on moving three hours away from me because he got a full ride scholarship to Ball State University to play football.  We were sitting in the car at school talking and we were full of emotions.  It was just hitting us that we were going to be separated and be three hours away from each other.  We were fearful of a long distance relationship.  Fear is like a brick wall, and you can never escape it.  As we were talking, a new song came on the radio, One Call Away.  As we listened to the lyrics we heard, “I’m only one call away” and realized how much this song related to our situation.  Yes we were going to be far from each other, but all we had to do is give each other a call.  We agreed to call each other every night and try to make it work and it became our song.

This is the artist Charlie Puth, who sings One Call Away

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  1. Logan, you really captured that moment in the car. I love the metaphor of fear being like a brick wall sometimes. That rings true. But sometimes we imagine that wall being stronger or taller than it really is. We need to give it a try and go up and push on that wall, or try to climb it. Great story!


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