Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Terria Jones Journal 9

Terria Jones
English 1109.01, 10:30-12:30 on Monday and Wednesday
November 28, 2016

Journal 9: Callings Response

Part one: The profile that stood out to me the most is, FMF Corpsman by Barbara Butler, age 54 on page 165. Her profile showed her personality a lot. When she was telling her story I could tell she was a strong leader. Barbara was 28 years old when she joined the Navy. Then went further on and went to Fleet Marine Force. Women never attended the FMF because they thought girls couldn't do it.  There was six girls including her and they were really rough on them. She would always remind them not to cry in front of the guys so they could see the girls were strong enough. She also stated in the profile, “They’d make us run in front of the guys and just said derogatory things, like “Watch the bouncing cheeks!” to try and make the girls uncomfortable so they would stop but they didn't! They wanted the girls to quit but they never did and made it through the camp (Isay 167).
This profile made a connection with my own personal life as well. When I had a baby my sophomore year of highschool, it was very hard for me. I worked 35 hours at work, went to school everyday, was a varsity cheerleader, and also a mom all at the same time. Barbara reminded me of myself because she was so strong. She also made sure she kept other people going. And that's what I did. I had to stay strong during my busy life and never give up because I would of never succeeded for me or my child. I also would of let a lot of people down by becoming a failure when I had so much potential in me. I made sure that when people wanted to quit, I’d show them what my daily life was like and told them there was no reason for them to quit if I didn't. I wanted people to finish their goals, get to where they wanted to be. I understood the struggle and just wanted them to be strong like me because it felt awesome. I’m still like the person I was in highschool. Nothing has changed. I’m still a strong, independent leader that helps everyone as much as possible.
Part Two:   I did research on the profile, Policewomen by Pat Hays, age 75 on page 157. She was a policewomen and usually police women duties were with women victim or offender, homicides, and sex crimes (Isay 159). I was interested in the homicide part and how many homicides actually happened. So I decided to researched how many homicides had happened. There has been 15,809 homicides in the US. 10,945 of those deaths have been from firearms. My source gave great facts about homicides. It was based off 2014 homicides which is the most recent count they have done on homicides. I did a lot of research on which website gave accurate information and this website definitely did.

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  1. I like how you related to having a kid in high school and having other responsibilities and not giving up to Barbara being one of the first women to attend FMF and not giving up.


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