Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kyle Blanton
English 1109 M/W
Journal 8
            My active reading is great when I do it. I’m not very good at doing it at home but I am getting better at it but still not good. Talking about the book in class and having the discussions really help. This book really shows how if you have a dream to do something you can do it, even though it might a worst paying job it’s something you love so it’s all worth it.
            From a lot of this reading I have notices women are really being brought down in a way of they can’t do a lot of things that men can do like in the chapter when Ledo Lucietto talks to his daughter and she said “can girls be an engineer?”(Page 64). Comparing this interview to the others it all has the parents who support their child, expect the referee’s mom. So I believe that to get to your goal you will need support.
            I have always lived in Ohio all my family and friends are here and lot of people I know are here so I want to stay in Ohio and try not to leave. I’m going to be an athletic trainer and I would like to move to Columbus so I have more job opportunities. If I had to move, I would like to go to Florida or North Carolina but I really would rather not move.

This would be the state that i move to

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  1. I agree with you when you said "So I believe that to get to your goal you will need support."


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