Monday, November 28, 2016

Nick Price
English 1109 MW
Journal 9
            The profile that I chose to write about it the first profile of the Philosophers part of the book. This profile is about a neurosurgeon and he talks with his eighth grade teacher. The neurosurgeon is now 40 and his name is Lee Buono.
 In the beginning of the profile he helps a man get his speech back. The man is very excited about having his speech back. The patients wife asked him how ling had he known he wanted to be a neurosurgeon Lee responded by telling her he had a teacher in 8th grade tell him he could become one. After the surgery the man tells him don’t forget to say thanks to your teacher.
I can relate to this. I had a teacher in 8th grade as well. Mr. Cunningham always told me I would be rich one day. I never could really understand why he said that a lot. On the last real day of school I asked him why he would always say that. His response really hit me hard and I will never forget what he said. “I just see the way you think, I see the drive you have to be successful. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. I guarantee they are wrong.”.

Statistics show that only about 30% of people actually end up getting the job they dreamed of when they were a little kid. This number surprises me in more than one way. On one side 30% isn’t bad. I honestly thought it would be a lot less. On the other hand 30% is kind of low considering all the things like college and other after high school opportunities. This number can get higher with just a message. If everyone read this profile I think that number would sky rocket.


  1. I like the quote your teacher gave you. It is very inspirational.

  2. I too feel like if more people read this that the number of people getting there dream job would skyrocket.


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