Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Logan's Journal 8

Logan Sutton

English 1109

9 November 2016

Journal 8

            The active reading is going really well.  After reading the past two books in class and practicing active reading, I have become a lot better with it.  Active reading helps me remember little details better and it helps me locate specific information when I need it later for school work.  I forgot to research the first time for active reading, but I started doing it after that.  A strength of this book is all the information about jobs.  I think it is very important for a college student to research multiple careers before choosing their set major.  Many people end up unhappy with their jobs, and this book opens their eyes to many opportunities.  The story telling is a major strength in this book because it describes the working conditions and what they like and dislike about their job.  A challenge of this book is trying to remember every story with each name.  Since it doesn’t all tie together it can be hard at times, but when I do active reading it’s not a huge problem. 

            For the story about the dentist, Thomas McGarvey, was the one that stood out most to me.  He belonged to a poor and very large family of twelve children.  His father had died so his mother need help with money and taking care of the kids.  Nobody in his family had ever thought about going to college and he decided he wanted to become a dentist.  McGarvey was so dedicated and he writes, “I am going to be a dentist whether you accept me or not” (Isay 50).  I thought it was awesome that he was so dedicated to becoming a dentist even though he was from a poor family.  This shows that anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it.  I researched about how to become a dentist.  One needs to obtain a bachelor’s degree and then go to a professional dental school program for four years.  Then after that one needs to earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Medical Dentistry Degree.  The best dentistry university in America is the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry.  To become a dentist, it is years of schooling and a lot of hard work.

            My thoughts vary when I think about the future and where I want to live later in life.  One trait Ohio has that is attractive is all the job opportunities.  Ohio is full of so many businesses and people have the option to live in the city or in the country, but still be close to jobs.  One thing that would attractive for me to move for work would be the weather.  My dream state to move to is South Carolina.  It is a very pretty area and has nice weather.  I would love to live somewhere where it’s warmer all year long and be closer to the beach.  I most likely will never move out of Ohio because I would not be able to move far from my family.

This is showing dentists working on a patient in the dentist office.


  1. I like your writing when you said "I most likely will never move out of Ohio because I would not be able to move far from my family."

  2. I can relate to how you feel that a attraction for moving for work would be because of the weather.


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