Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Clay Gerfen Snapshot 4

Snapshot 4

Lee Brice sings a song that debuted in 2012 that reminds me so much about my uncle. It is called ”I Drive Your Truck.” My uncle died in July of 2007 and in his will I received an Allis Chalmers Model C tractor. Every time I here that song I think of him and how he would talk about that tractor or we would talk about tractor shows and collectible toy tractors that would be at the show. When we would talk about toy tractors he would always preach to me saying now you got to keep the boxes to those toys if you take them out because they are more valuable that way. A lot of times we would get new collectible toys and we wouldn’t even get them out of the packaging we would just leave them in the box and admire them inside. My uncle was like a encyclopedia on tractors. You could ask him about any make and model and he could give you all the specs on it. What its horse power was, what years it was built, what number of plows it could pull, even how many were built. He was an amazing man, someone I looked up to, and I think about him all the time especially when I hear "I drive my truck."
This is an AC-C Tractor like my uncles that I now own.


  1. I really liked how connected your music to how you and your uncles relationship.

  2. I believe your writing is at its best where you wrote, "My uncle was like a encyclopedia on tractors". I really like how you compared him to an encyclopedia.

  3. I really enjoyed the connection to your uncle. It seems like you guys have a really great relationship.


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