Monday, November 21, 2016

Dominuque: Muhammed Ali

For your comments on Presentations:

First, write about something well done.  What did you learn from this group?  What part of the Presentation seemed the best?  Be specific, and use a specific example from the Presentation and your notes.

Second, offer constructive criticism that would help this group. What might have been more clear?  What part of the Presentation seemed the least polished?  Be specific.


  1. 1. What I learned was he cause of death was septic shock
    2. I think you could of had some more negative impacts

  2. 1. I like the quotes from the presentation.
    2. I feel that you express the character more on the negative side rather than his positive side.

  3. 1. I learned that his record was 56 wins and 5 losses. You did really well with the quality of information.
    2. Try to include less words on each slide and memorize them instead of reading off of the slides.

  4. 1. I learned that his real name is Cassius Clay Jr.
    2. A lot of words on one slide.

  5. 1.) Learned a lot about his career in boxing and his positive influences outside of boxing.
    2.) The slides were crammed with too many facts.

  6. 1)I enjoyed learning about how Muhammad Ali actually had a funny personality.
    2)You had too much paragraph information.

  7. 1) I loved the facts you had about him and the video, I learned a lot I didn't know about him
    2) Slimming down the information on the slides

  8. 1- Great video and comparison
    2- maybe find some more information on his negatives

  9. 1. I lobed the video at the end of your presentation
    2. not a clear negitive


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