Monday, November 21, 2016

Logan and Carrie: Carrie Underwood

For your comments on Presentations:

First, write about something well done.  What did you learn from this group?  What part of the Presentation seemed the best?  Be specific, and use a specific example from the Presentation and your notes.

Second, offer constructive criticism that would help this group. What might have been more clear?  What part of the Presentation seemed the least polished?  Be specific.


  1. 1. What I learned was that Carrie didn't finish her college degree
    2. I think you could have said what the meaning of her songs have on people.

  2. 1. I like your compare and contrast.
    2. There was that much information on the negative influences.

  3. 1. I learned that Carrie turned vegan at the age 13.
    2. There were no negative influences.

  4. 1.) Did a great job of explaining all of her positive influences.
    2.) No explanation of her negative influences

  5. 1)Very well put together presentation, I really enjoyed all of the interesting facts about her early life.
    2)Did not have very much content on her negative influences.

  6. 1- great fun facts like her being a vegan and what not
    2- did not have any negative impacts.

  7. 1. My favorite thing was the quote you guys had
    2. No negatives till the end when you got asked


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