Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Journal 8

Kian Raheem
English 1109.01
Mr. Lohre
Journal 8
            The active reading in the book Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work by Dave Isay I would say is really easy but difficult. The positive side is you are able to tell how each individual story has its meaning behind it. You can tell how the character is feeling emotional and able to understand what is going on around you. A weakness I found was I was unable to make connections to my real life examples in many of the stories. Some of the stories yes, I was able to make some sort of connections with the person and myself but, most of the time I wasn’t able to. Some challenges I’m facing reading this book is the constant change in story. Every chapter is a different person and a different experience. Usually, when reading a book its focused on a character, but this book isn’t about a character it’s about a goal someone is trying to achieve.
            I related to story of the firefighter. Though I’m closer with my mom, and she’s whom I get my advice from, but my dad is my wisdom. I know he has worked hard to get him and his family where we are today. My father came from a big family and lived in poverty, using his motivation to learn and be successful he went to school and college got a masters in mathematics. Now he is the head programmer for Mapfre Insurance. Just as the young son looked up to his dad, I look up to my dad the same way.
            A thing that keeps me in Ohio is that, this is where I grew up like in my teenage years. I got my license, went to middle school, and high school here. My family grew closer together and our bond is stronger. I want to move though to experience the world around me. Meet new people see a different world and how they act. If I could move, I would want to go to California. My brother lives there and he loves it. Though yes I have spent summers their I haven’t lived on my own and experience it without supervision.  

I picked this photo because this is the area I would want to live in Calabasas. Its so free and its such a different environment            


  1. I also related to the fire fighters story!Very well written.

  2. I like your comment on your picture when you said "its so free and its such a different environment."


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