Monday, November 28, 2016

Logan's Journal 9

Logan Sutton
English 1109
30 November 2016
Journal Nine: Callings Response
The profile that stood out to me the most was the woman that became an ink removal specialist.  She had a very rough life and went through a lot of hard times.  Her husband used to hold a loaded gun up to her head and tell her the reasons why he should kill her.  Just thinking about that makes me cringe.  As Dawn went through the violence, she had made a promise with God and said, “If you let me survive this, I won’t leave anybody behind.  I promise” (Isay 165).  She wanted to live through it and make her life better.  She had a very hard life to live.  Her ex had tattooed his name all over her.  This is what led her to her calling.  She became a tattoo removal specialist and loved it.  It costs between two hundred and five hundred dollars to have one removed.  At times she would do it for free for people who really needed it but could not afford it.  This shows the kind of person she is, she doesn't care about the money.  She wants to help people.

The research I did was about immigrants coming into the United States in 2014.  India was the leading country for immigrants coming to the United States with 147,500 people.  The next one following India was China with 131,800 immigrants.  The third largest amount was 130,00 from Mexico.  The historical numbers have increased over the years with more people moving to the United States for better jobs and freedom.  Last year, 484,072 immigrants were legal to moved here and an estimate of about 11.5 million immigrants moved here illegally.  There is about 59 percent of illegal immigrants that came from Mexico.

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  1. I really liked how you described how you felt reading this story.


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