Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Snapshot Four

Dominique Sandusky
English 1109 Monday, Wednesday
November 1, 2016
Snapshot Four
My favorite genre of music is rap, because it has many different expressions. For example, Tupac and Eminem rapped about hardship, and the struggles of being in the hood. School boy q and the Weekend rap about having good times, partying with friends, and living the good life. Miguel and Jason Duerulo rap about being and love. I enjoy the versatility of this genre, and being able to hear a story throughout the songs.
My favorite artist right now is Tory Lanz, because his music is mood changing and the content of his music is extremely creative. He has a little bit of every category. He raps about hype partying, being in love, hardship, and some of his personal experiences. He has a song for pretty much any mood I find myself in throughout the day.

For the past three years I have been going down to Ohio University for Numbers Fest which is a huge music fest where multiple artist come down to Athens and preform in one night. The experience has been life changing every year, but the year I remember the most was two summers ago when School Boy was there. When he played his song “Hell of a night” the crowd exploded. People were singing along so loudly I could barely hear him singing it. This made me love this genre of music so much more, because it is a good way to bring people together. I had the opportunity to meet so many different amazing people that night all because we bonded over the same love for music. 
School Boy Q is one of my favorite rappers, and this is a picture of him at Numbers Fest two summers ago. Being there and experiencing this was a life changing experience! A few of his most famous songs are "Hell of a night" and "Man of the year" which he played during this concert. 


  1. Where I think the writing is at its best is, "...because his music is mood changing and the content of his music is extremely creative" I like the words you use to describe his music.

  2. I think its awesome that you have been going to numbers fest for the last 3 years.


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