Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Journal 8

Tyler Beers
English 1109 MW
November 9, 2016
Journal 8
            My active reading in the book Callings is going quite well.  True I may add a thing or two while we are discussion the reading assignment at the table.  The strengths I see in the book so far is about people’s personal stories about how they dreamed about doing something and they ended up doing it.  Or in the generations section is a father passing it down to one of their kids.  So far I think the strength is the idea of motivation by anything is reachable with hard work. 
            My favorite profile from Mondays reading is the father and son being firefighters.  From the research perspective that firefighters are also first responders, medical services, and they also investigate the cause of the fire.  Also, I learned that Paul Red Adair was a oil well firefighter and he has completed over 1,000 jobs.  From the interview Dekalb was the father and a firefighter.  His son Dekalb always like going to the fire station and seeing his father.  He also play his fire trucks and roll them around on the ground pretending that their was a imaginary fire.  “ I was a kid who wanted to grow up and be just like his daddy. Back in the nineties, when Michael Jordan was really famous and everybody wanted Mike?  Well, Mike was good- but me, I wanted to be like Dekalb Walcott Jr.  You were my Michael Jordan.”  I really like that quote is saying the father is the kids inspiration growing up.   

            Ohio is attractive by having some major cities and the great lakes.  To relocate for work is a quite possibility.  To relocate, you can meet new people and get to see different areas than central Ohio.  I said it’s a possibility for me to move for work because growing up I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio.  I just like how I got to see the different areas.  If I had to move my dream state would be Pennsylvania.  I was born in Pennsylvania and lived there for a few years.  I still go back there a lot because that’s where all my family is from and mostly still there.   
I picked this picture of a snow covered mountain.  It reminds of deer season and spending the holidays with my family.

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