Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Captain America: Timmy and Clay

For your comments on Presentations:

First, write about something well done.  What did you learn from this group?  What part of the Presentation seemed the best?  Be specific, and use a specific example from the Presentation and your notes.

Second, offer constructive criticism that would help this group. What might have been more clear?  What part of the Presentation seemed the least polished?  Be specific.


  1. 1.) Like the images and the how descriptive you guys got about how he came to be known

    2.) Just add more, make it longer, seemed really quick

  2. 1. I liked who you compared Captain America
    2. I think you could have slowed down.

  3. 1.) I think the qualities you explained Captain America to portray were explained really well.

    2.) It seemed like the presentation was rushed.

  4. 1) I Like the way the handout you gave us is set up
    2) weren't a lot of negatives till the end when there was a questions about it

  5. 1.) I learned more about Captain American and became more familiar with him because I don't really know a lot about him.
    2.) Could of been longer

  6. Good job on the handout give a nice overview.
    Not very many negatives on the powerpoint.

  7. 1- Great job on comparison
    2- Maybe a bit longer and focus on some more negatives.

  8. 1)You did really good with how you memorized other information rather than reading everything straight from the slide.
    2)You were a little short on time so try to add a little more next time.

  9. 1) I enjoyed learning about Captain American and I felt you guys did a very good job presenting him.
    2) Presentation seemed rushed and some topics could have been elaborated on a little more.


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