Wednesday, November 2, 2016

James Guinther

James W.B. Guinther
Mike Lohre
English 1109.01
November 2, 2016
Music is very important to me whether it is my daily commute playing all my favorite songs. My highs playing fun thrilling music or my lows playing sad relatable music to escape. Music brings life to life setting the tone for what is to come and can change people's mood in a very powerful way. Music flows forcing patterns and repetitions allowing repetitious work to pass seemingly faster. When feeling down music lyrics can say things that will lead your thoughts astray and pull you out of a bad mood.
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It is said that behind every favorite song there is a untold story, my favorite song is Rabbit Run by Eminem. This song is my go to sad, angry, stressed song as well as one of my favorite lifting songs. The song is just so fast paced and passionate that it is easy to lose yourself and truly escape what you're going through. It's the last Friday of June and that means max day for my high school. The music is blaring and i'm warming up my partner calls over the coach and while he's on his way over there's a break in the music and there it is my favorite song playing providing the perfect atmosphere. I've been working to get 325 on bench all year and now it's here my song playing in throw the weight up almost too easily, so we add a ten to each side and I get 345. Music is very powerful in that it can push you to achieve you goals and then surpass them.


  1. James, I know this song and I know a lot of people who work out to similar music. It makes me wonder what it is about our bodies that respond to music. I've heard people who sing at work or while working are much much happier, and yet I think the culture would tell us that these types are weirdos. Now you are suggesting that music, just listening to it, enhances our performance and it sure seemed to work for you. That's a lot of weight and congrats on reaching that goal.

  2. I really liked when you said "When feeling down music lyrics can say things that will lead your thoughts astray and pull you out of a bad mood." I agree with this and think this is where your writing was at its best. I like how you relate music to the tone of the atmosphere you are in during weightlifting.

  3. I've never really been a fan of that particular song but eminem is by far one of the best rappers ever.


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