Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Snapshot Four Raeann

Raeann Eldred
English 1109 MW 10:30-12:30
November 2, 2016
Snapshot Four: Music & using Flashbacks for evidence
            The medicine to my stress. That’s what music means to me. Music for me has always been my go to whenever I am stressed or want to get away from the world. I’ll be the one that puts headphones in and have it on full blast. When I’m listening to music I do not want to be able to hear anyone or have a conversation while listening to music.
            The genre of music that I have always listened to is country and pop. However, the genre that means the most to me is country. While living on a farm in the country of course you are going to listen to country. I grew up listening to country. Country music to me always has a good message behind it. Also, there is a good variety of tempos for country music; not all the songs are too slow or too fast. One of the current musicians that I like is Carrie Underwood because all her songs have a meaning behind them. For example, her song See You Again has a meaning towards military families who are moving on after a death of a loved one or wanting to see their loved one again.

            Every year at our country fair there is always some country band that performs towards the end of the week. Occasionally I’ll go to the actual concert depending on who is playing but then again the concert is so load I can listen to it while sitting in the dairy barn. However, in 2005 a country singer, Rodney Atkins came and performed at the fair. My mom bought tickets for my family and I to go and we got front row seats in the grandstands. Rodney Atkins performed his song Cleaning This Gun which I relate to and I think it’s important because it talks about when a boy takes a girl out and he meets the parents and the father will be waiting for them to come home and will be cleaning his gun. I relate to this song because like in the song the girl is a daddy’s girl just like I am with my dad.
Here is the country singer, Rodney Atkins who I discuss in my flashback.


  1. I like how you said the song cleaning this gun has a good message i told with you there.

  2. I love how you started out your writing by saying, "The medicine to my stress". I think this is where your writing is at its best because it draws the reader in.


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