Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kyle Blanton

English 1109.01 M/W


Journal Nine


            I read the FMF Corpsman Journal and this struck me the most because you hear about women going into the military sometimes but when one women asked to be a voluntary when no one else would that stands out because all the men in that room wouldn’t. They told her that she couldn’t because she’s not a male but she said there was no gender requirements. Onces they said ok other women in the class said they would too. They went through hell and the men didn’t make it any easier, she told the other girls don’t let them see you cry. After it was all done she was responsible for more than 80 soldiers and when she helped a man when he cut his hand they all called her Doc.

            You have to pass a lot of training to be a FMF Corpsman you have to have a minimum combined score of 149 on the ASVBA. You have to be 17 to 34 years old and at least a high school diploma. You must have no past of drug abuse or any alcohol. You have to past a height and weight requirements and an age and sex-specified physical training. You have to take a semi-annual training test and pass. If you want to be a FMF in the Navy Seals its said to be one the hardest physical test one the earth with underwater training and stay up for days just training.

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