Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Journal 8

Timmy Le
English 1109
9 November 2016
Journal 8
            In The Calling, the strengths of this book are the connections of each interview. The bond between the family members in the story are very strong. When reading it, readers can understand that link between members can be something most people can relate to. A challenge in reading this book is that there are some professions that I do not have a lot of knowledge in that area. I find it enjoyable to learn more afterwards.
            My favorite interview is Ledo Lucietto talks with his daughter, Anne Lucietto, a mechanical engineer. The quote that I liked the most in the interview is “You were just interested in taking stuff apart-like little toys and things. And then I’d take you with me to the shop, and you’d watch the machines run and ask me a lot of questions: “What is this, Daddy?””. I did this when I was young. I ask my parents a lot of questions about everything. I love taking stuff apart and try to put it back together. Like Anne, I am always curious about a lot of things when I was younger.
            For my future, an attraction for staying in Ohio is some of the companies I might want to work for. I am majoring into computer engineering and I want to be at a place with the latest technology and Columbus has some of it. I think if I was to move away from Ohio, it should be the opportunities I can get in a bigger city. I do not have a dream state to go to. I am fine working anywhere as long as I am enjoying my profession.


  1. I agree when you said the strengths of the book is the connections.

  2. I like the connection you made with the mechanical engineer when she was a little girl, it shows your personality from when you were younger.


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