Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Extracting the Ink

James W.B. Guinther
Mike Lohre
English 1109.01
November 28, 2016
Extracting the Ink
The story of Dawn Maestas struggles and how she has used her past to fuel her future by helping other people is the main reason this is one of the most powerful profiles in Dave Isay Calling. One of the best parts of the reading was when Dawn talks about how her husband held a gun to her head and would tell her all of the reasons why he should kill her. When reading her profile it was easy to see the powerful connection that Dawn and her client Nicole share. Dawn started her practice after her wake up call that she had with her husband, she wanted to help other people out of the seemingly permanent mark that their attackers left on them.
The moral of Dawn Maestas passage in Callings was that if you go through something and you find a way out and a way to cope with what happened, you should help others. Because there are people going through the same struggle as you, help them to not make the same mistakes and show them what you did differently. This is can be seen very plainly in Dawn's passage in the Healers section when she says “If I survive this I won't leave anybody else behind” talking to God, making him a promise if he help her out of the hell she was in.(Dave)  A time this habit of helping others in the same situation happened to me was when I had just got out of a off and on relationship. So when a friend of mine was fighting with his girlfriend 24/7, I leveled with him, I told him that he will be much happier on his own and we talked for awhile and sure enough he skipped the back and forth part I had, and ended the relationship.
The research I found for, Ink Removal Specialist by Dawn Maestas was that laser tattoo removal is a rather expensive procedure averaging 200-500 dollars per session with between 15 and 20 sessions needed meaning in the end it can be some 10,000 dollars. This coming to about 49 dollars per square inch meaning that for just an inch of tattoo at the low end will cost about 735 dollars. This was shocking because Dawn often time performs this procedure for free. The link I used is an actual tattoo removal web site to I imagine that they are not lieing about their prices.

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