Monday, November 28, 2016

Clay Journal 9

Clay Gerfen
English 1109 @ 10:30 Mon. and Wed.

Journal 9

The profile that I read for today that stuck out to me was the first profile in the Philosophers section. The profile is about Lee Buono who is a neurosurgeon as he talks with his eighth grade science teacher, Al Siedlecki. This profile struck me because it made me reminisce my eighth grade science class and how my eighth grade science teacher, Mrs. Sager, cared for every person in the class. She knew everyone's passions, their dreams and aspirations, and she always knew what to say and when, with each student to make them feel like the class had meaning and purpose. Like Mr. Siedlecki Mrs. Sager had that certain enthusiasm that teachers have to bring that is so infectious. Everyday science was one of the classes that I was eager to go to. It wasn’t just a class to the majority of the class. It was more along the lines of an adventure. We destroyed toys to find out what makes them tick. We built cars with mouse traps, and made egg carriers out of french fry holders that could be dropped from 20 ft and the egg would not break. And like just like how Lee called and thanked Mr. Siedlecki for being his inspiration, I do something similar every time I see Mrs. Sager, because I thank her for giving us all the opportunity to explore things in science outside of the textbook.
An Example of a mouse trap car similar to the ones we built in science class

The thing I researched from this profile was Tenacity. I had heard it used in conversations outside of the book but didn't have a clear Idea of what it was.

The meaning of Tenacity is this: the quality or fact of being very determined; determination.
EX "you have to admire the tenacity of these two guys"


  1. I like that you search up the word tenacity. I did not know what it means also.

  2. I liked the example of the mouse trap car, I did not make on in high school but I think it would be really fun.


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